Mabroom VIP (কামরাঙ্গা মরিয়ম) Dates

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◾ সৌদি আরব থেকে আমদানিকৃত গাঢ় বাদামি বা চকলেট কালারের খেজুর।
◾ অত্যন্ত সুস্বাদু। কিছুটা চকলেটের মত স্বাদ হওয়ায় অনেকে চকলেট খেজুর নামেও ডাকেন।
◾ আমাদের দেশের মানুষের সবচেয়ে প্রিয় খেজুর।


Mabroom special dates khejur are soft, moist which are imported directly from Saudi Arabia. It has a rich brown color and a wonderfully sweet taste. High in vitamins and minerals, this superfood helps with everything from bone health to heart health.

Aside from the delicious taste, they impart a tremendous amount of benefits to your body. They are a rich source of healthy fiber, minerals, and vitamins and help with constipation, diarrhea, and other intestinal complaints. If you add three to seven dates a day to your diet, the following 10 things will happen to your body.

View:  Healthy for the eyes and vision and reduces night blindness.

Digestion:  Rich source of fiber and minerals help with constipation, diarrhea, and other intestinal complaints.

Cancer: Prevents cancer risk, dates contain magnesium, manganese and selenium.

Nervous system:  Stimulates the health of the nervous system.

Bones:  Minerals present to strengthen the bones.

Allergies: Presence of sulfur decreases. Allergic reactions.

Weight loss:  The many dietary fibers in dates ensure a long, full feeling. Dates are low in calories and fat.

Heart: Dates fight calcium in blood vessels, lower the risk of strokes, heart attacks, etc.

Energy: The ideal snack after exercise, gives an energy boost and is easy to digest, source of iron, helps with anemia.

Pregnancy:  Dates are particularly healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding as they contain folic acid

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